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Donald Trump Can Talk Politics, Economics, And Health Like A President After All

Donald Trump had his first joint address on Feb. 28 and people note of the change in the POTUS’ tone. Optimism was reportedly the main theme of Trump’s speech. Moreover, the president urged his citizens to come and work together as one nation.

Donald Trump Speech ‘Brimming With Optimism’

More than a month after being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump addressed his fellow Americans last Tuesday. The National Review reported that Trump’s speech brimmed with optimism. In fact, the publication’s writer, Larry Kudlow, noted that the stock market surged over 300 points after Trump’s speech.

The source noted that Trump’s speech delved into various topics: economy, health care, education, immigration, and public safety. Moreover, the POTUS urged fellow Americans to help him solve the problems that troubled them as a nation.

ABC News reported that Trump’s “call for unity against hate and evil” was one of the highlights of Trump’s speech. The outlet noted that this is the president’s response to the recent threats against the Jewish community in the US and the alleged hate crime in Kansas. Prior to the joint address, Trump and his administration received criticisms from Democrats because of his perceived silence about the two incidents.

More Of Donald Trump’s Agenda

The latter report noted that the president also talked about health care. In his address, Trump mentioned that he wants health care insurance to be available to everyone. Moreover, he appealed to Congress to “repeal and replace Obamacare” for various reforms: “an expanded choice, wider access, lower costs and better health care.”

The initial report noted that with regard to the country’s foreign affairs, the US Head of State said that he pledged to stay with NATO. However, he also reminded everyone that as a public servant, it is “his job to protect the interests of the country, first and foremost.”

In addition, the president talked about generating more revenues and fewer deficits. The source noted that Trump has spoken to business groups about the three percent plus growth. He delved into this topic when he talked about economic growth and tax reform.

Towards the end, the outlet noted that the president hoped that during his term, America will see a “more peaceful, more just and more free” world. Ludlow believed that Trump’s joint address speech showed not only optimism but also leadership and greatness. In addition, Ludlow noted that the public expected an angry Trump addressing the nation. However, the POTUS’ voice was calm and modulated.

Trump ended his speech saying, We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God.” What is your opinion about the Donald Trump joint address speech? Share your thoughts with us!

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