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Donald Trump Can Save The Youth, Former Miss USA Writes

It’s very difficult to find one good thing about Trump these days. But here’s a little piece of news that shows the President does have a heart. We’re not so sure about the rest of his good deeds. But this one does take the spot and shines a little light on the good side of Trump.

Donald Trump And Miss USA

A former Miss USA thanked President Donald Trump on Wednesday for helping her get her life back on track. Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006 winner, once tested positive for cocaine which almost led to her career ending. But after Trump, who was then owner of Miss USA pageant, found out, he still made her keep her position.

But not without anything in return. Trump said Conner can keep her title as long as she enters drug rehab.

Conner wrote that she was once famous for being called “Mess USA”. Trump gave her a second chance which she describes as something that surprised her and shocked the world.

Tara Conner thanks Trump for her 10 years of treatment and recovery. She says she is “profoundly grateful” and that the president saved her life. According to her, Trump made her great again.

Past History

Tara Conner’s past history is a difficult and rocky one. It includes being molested, dealing with her parents’ divorce and turning to alcohol. Connor believes these were the factors that turned her into an addict.

She was three when an uncle molested her. She also had to deal with her parents’ divorce at the age of 14. This followed by her grandfather, someone who took care of her and loved her, died.

She also got a taste of alcohol during that age while she was on a cheerleading trip. She describes the desperate need to fit in and to belong somewhere so she succumbed to drinking with the other girls.

Connor did a press conference back on Dec. 19, 2006 where she cried in front of the public as she apologized to the Miss USA organization for her behavior and wrong doings. She also addressed President Trump in that speech.

Fast forward today, Connor is well and living life better. She’s in a relationship with Dan Sanders-Joyce, an actor, and is active on Instagram.

My absolute everything! @sando_commando

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Connor writes that she will never forget what President Trump did for her. Who would’ve thought that Trump may have this kind side to him too?

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