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Diary of a Latino Teenager: A Donald Trump Criticism

Don’t tell me it is going to be OK‘ – a Latino teenager jots down the jitters in the wake of Donald Trump win.

Mexicans were at the receiving for the better part of the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. His propaganda is nothing shy of a bummer for all the Mexicans residing in the United States, of course. Additionally, premonitions are on the rise that he might take some drastic steps with regard to the Mexican immigration. The diary of one Angelina Alvarez, 17, speaks volumes of the bleak future Mexicans in US are looking at.

Diary of a Latino Teenager: Donald Trump

The Guardian reports Angelina’s daily account in her diary since the day of Trump’s triumph. Starting from Nov. 8, she writes of Trump’s win and she is scared. Also, she remembers her grandma and yearns to be with her. There is a mention of Angelina’s grandma who was once an immigrant, worked hard and made a home. Angelina questions how one can hate her.

Our country is a disappointment‘, the teenager establishes, concluding the day-1 account. The following day events were nothing but immaculate abomination, turns out. Most of Angelina’s schoolmates are conspicuously celebrating Trump’s win and she’s in distress, of course. Thankfully for her, her school got all of them together to fight this one – united.

On Nov. 10 and 11, Angelina writes being agitated, until she hears of a anti-Trump rally in LA. Vehement as she is, Angelina joins the cause and takes joy in its spirit. Also, she mentions another such rally and she has difficulty trying not to be angry. All things culminate to Thanksgiving where she had go through the ordeal of putting up with her white, extended Trump-supporting family.

December and January

The account on Dec. 8 is nothing but Angelina chiding Scott Pruitt’s appointment as the head of EPA. In a strong statement, she contemplates the return of a Operation Wetback-esque situation soon. Besides, she’s apprehensive about what’s going to happen to her folks in the coming days.

Another day, she mentions the contradiction of her Trump-supporting classmates posting Martin Luther King’s quotes. It’s beyond Angelina’s comprehension how they cannot see the hypocrisy. She calls for people to unite against Donald Trump and resist hate, but finally exclaims – ‘May the universe help us‘.

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