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Craziest Memes On Philippine Senator De Lima Arrest

De Lima arrest is the topic of the day. She’s known as the Ph President Rodrigo Duterte’s staunchest critic but is now arrested. Faced with political chaos in their country, Filipinos now resort to memes to express what they feel or make light of the situation.

Leila De Lima’s arrest on February 24 was the most talked about topic in Philippine media and the rest of the world. Philippine senator Leila De Lima, who’s known as a critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs, was arrested for allegedly receiving money from drug dealers herself in the Philippine’s New Bilibid prison.

Outrage, amusement, and other mixed reactions from Filipinos filled the internet regarding the arrest of the senator. Memes mostly filled the world wide web. These are humorous texts, images or videos spread across the internet. Here are a few that might amuse you, or anger you.

Leila De Lima Arrest Memes

Majority of the memes on Twitter came from user Monkopi. Monkopi posted a photo saying “One Wheelchair For Leila”, making a jab at the De Lima arrest. This could be in reference to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She was known for allegedly being sick and seen in a wheelchair after all the controversies around her came to light.

It has been a running joke in the Philippines that politicians will suddenly fall ill after they became part scandals and controversies. Many are expecting this to happen since it has become a cycle.

Another one is from user Witwews. In the photo, it showed De Lima and her former lover Ronnie Dayan cuffed. A text on the top said “Relationship Goals”. At the bottom reads “Yung sabay inilabas and warrant of arrest nyong dalawa!” This translates to “when both of your warrant of arrests were released at the same time”.

One crazy meme is by Monkopi once more. It shows a bunch of boys (though it is not clear if they are Bilibid prisoners) with De Lima below and a text that reads “Hello boys”.

The Arrest

Accusations of Senator De Lima involved in the drug trafficking ring started last year when De Lima started going against President Duterte on his war on drugs. President Duterte fought back with his own accusations that De Lima had a hand in dealing with drug dealers during former President Aquino’s term.

Aside from De Lima, a former prison official and her former driver and bodyguard were also arrested. De Lima said in a press conference before escorted away that the truth will come out. She also claimed that she is innocent.

News of the De Lima arrest on the morning of February 24 in the Philippines continues to fill headlines and will probably go on for the rest of the week. What do you think of the senator’s arrest and the memes accompanying it? Is it harsh or amusing?

What’s happening Philippines? Share us your thoughts on the matter below.

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