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China Calls Donald Trump a “Diplomatic Rookie”; Adviser Says “Screw ’em”

Among the things that are mutually exclusive, Donald Trump and China are the latest additions. Read the chalk and cheese story!

Chinese press is going berserk over the latest tweets from US President-elect Donald Trump. The reason wouldn’t surprise many, however. Donald has made his feelings towards “Chaaiinaa” abundantly clear throughout his campaign. In the wake of his triumph, he is taking no prisoners with his hostility towards the Asian giants.

Donald Trump: Phone Call to Taiwan

Important to remember that Donald isn’t ambivalent about his feelings towards China from day one. To elaborate, his repertoire makes one thing clear – Putting China out of business! One might argue that he’s sticking to his businessman roots, but what do they know! There’s more to it than what meets the eye, turns out.

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Before plunging into the ongoing tussle between the President-elect and China, it’s important to know the Cross-Strait relations. China and Taiwan never saw eye to eye. At least, not for the most part. While the former is one of the global giants, the latter is not quite so. In contrast to that, Washington and Taipei have mutual business interests.

The matter in question here is a phone conversation that took place between Trump and his Taiwan counterpart. Subsequently, the Chinese media took offence and brought a media-war. Who is Donald to refuse a good fight anyway! He took it head-on and started a twitter war.

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The Aftermath

It was perhaps the Chinese press that audaciously called Donald Trump a “Diplomatic Rookie” at first. This necessitated a reply from Trump’s political adviser Stephen Moore, of course. Telegraph reports Stephen’s response and it’s downright lambasting, if not anything. Stephen justifies Trump’s stance on China and says that if Chinese doesn’t like it, then “screw ’em”.

Under the circumstances, it’s safe to assume that the tensions are soaring between the two. Needless to say, it’s Barack Obama who is facing the heat at the moment. The sitting President’s spokesman cleared the air by stating that they’re reassuring the Chinese. It is indeed Donald who is having the last laugh, of course. Time being, at least!

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