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Barron Trump Autism: Melania Trump Furious, Youtuber Apologizes

Recently, rumors rocked the internet about Melania and Donald Trump’s son, Barron. Rumors about the Barron Trump Autism circulated the net over a Youtube video compilation of Barron’s actions during his father’s speech.

In the said video, it suggested that Barron is autistic because of his restless stature while beside his family during Donald Trump’s victory speech after the elections. It cited Barron’s wobbly way of walking, which, according to the video uploader, is a sign of autism. The lad’s facial expression, too, didn’t escape the Youtuber’s observation as Barron crumpled his face.

The Youtuber took Donald Trump’s stand against vaccines as an evidence that the latter experienced the assumed adverse effects of high-dosage vaccines. The Youtuber theorized that Donald Trump actually referenced his own son, Barron.

Baron Trump Autism

Photo Credit: Twitter/Rosie O’Donnell

After this, everyone from the internet had their eyes on Barron Trump. Those who hated Donald Trump made Barron a subject of memes and mockery. The boy got caught in political feuds while some empathized with the family, no matter which political party they supported.

Melania Trump furious, threatened a lawsuit over Barron Trump Autism Video?

Melania Trump was furious after hearing about the misleading video and hired a famous lawyer, who is now threatening to file a lawsuit to whoever made the defamatory video. The lawyer also called Rosie O’Donnel out and told her that she had over-exaggerated the autism video. O’Donnel received criticisms among people for using this speculation to support her own campaign.

From a letter sent by Melania Trump’s party, she expressed how sensationalizing the video made Barron Trump a subject of bullying instead.

Youtuber apologizes to the Trump family?

By Nov. 29, the Youtube channel under James Hunter, who apparently uploaded the original video, retracted all his statements and posted another video of apology. He said that Barron Trump Autism rumor is 100 percent false. He said that Barron’s actions in the said video was just what a normal kid would do at 3AM.

The Youtuber even took the step to admit that he is also diagnosed with autism. He said that he meant to stop bullying through the video and to increase everyone’s awareness. In the end, he wished the family good luck, safety, and love. Watch the video here:

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