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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Sure Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Will Be Much Lower Soon

Arnold Schwarzenegger could not sound more mocking if he tried. Seeing how low President Donald Trump’s approval rating is, he cannot contain himself in raising it up publicly, expressing his anticipation that ratings will certainly drop lower.

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger holds nothing back in making his views of Donald Trump’s approval ratings known.  Through a Twitter video, the actor-turned-politician said, “The ratings are in, and you got swamped.”

He’s sure Donald Trump’s ratings will further drop. Schwarzenegger added, “Wow, now you’re in the 30s? But what do you expect when you take away after-school programs for children and Meals on Wheels for the poor people?”

Donald Trump Approval Ratings: 45% Americans Do Not Approve

According to the most recent Gallup poll, only 37% of Americans approve of what the President has been doing. This means 58% do not. Remarkably, approval rating just a week ago from this poll stands at 45%.

Since they have been engaged in a Twitter feud for months now, this low approval rating must certainly be a boon for Schwarzenegger. He now took the opportunity to further make Donald Trump think twice about his budget proposal to slash funding for after-school programs. “That’s not what you call Making America Great Again. Come on, who’s advising you?” Schwarzenegger mocked. He even claimed Trump should visit Hart Middle school, which is located near the White House so that the president can see for himself how the valuable after-school programs work. “I’ll take you there,” he said on the video.

Donald Trump’s Ban of After-School Programs: Ultimate Downfall?

It can be remembered that the after-school programs hold a special place in Schwarzenegger’s heart. After all, he did launch his political career championing support for these programs. Proposition 49 was passed in 2002 through the approval of California voters. Schwarzenegger claimed that these programs led to reduced delinquency and improved educational outcomes for the children.

For his part, Donald Trump is yet to comment on the 40-second video. Whether Schwarzenegger’s grim vision of Trump’s future ratings is because of his personal beef against the president or not, it cannot be denied that 37% approval rating is nothing to gloat about.

Donald Trump: Worst American President Ever?

According to Huffington Post, Trump’s approval rating at this point is actually lower than any other president’s and since Gallup started to track these ratings. Around this time back in Barack Obama’s presidency, his rating was at 60%.

The President is not having it easy these days. His contentious health plan was shot down by the Congressional Budget Office, which asserted that 24 million Americans are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage for the next ten years if the health plan pushes through. He revised his travel ban and yet this was again blocked in court. He’s also facing criticisms over his insistence that he was a victim of wiretapping during the campaign period.

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