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Anti LGBT EO Coming: Real Or Fake, Netizens Are Panicking

As if Trump’s EO on immigration isn’t enough, we’re now hearing that there’s a new one coming: an anti LGBT EO. The White House press secretary refused to comment on whether there are plans to sign this particular EO. However, earlier reports indicated Americans may have to face an Indiana-style discrimination soon.

The Bloomberg Government, as quoted by Advocate, was the first one to report about this particular order. It said that a “range of options” are now “under consideration” for an EO that can target members of the LGBTQ people.

What Does An Anti LGBT EO Mean For The LGBT Community?

If Trump will sign the anti LGBT EO, it would supposedly allow contractors to discriminate in hiring. It will also allow taxpayer-funded workers to refuse to serve the LGBTQ people. Essentially, an EO like this would rescind former President Barack Obama’s order that bans anti-LGBT discrimination by companies that have contracts with the federal government.

Anti LGBT EOPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Hillary Warnings

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, refused to comment on upcoming executive orders. He said that there are a lot of executive orders Trump wants to pursue to fulfill his election promises.

In the past, Trump said he is open to signing the First Amendment Defense Act. This protects public and private companies and nonprofit organizations from lawsuits involving the refusal to serve or hire LGBT community members. This will take effect as long as these companies or organizations cite religious objections as reason for refusing the LGBT people.

Many are fearful that the anti LGBT EO could come in the guise of protecting free speech and religious freedom. In fact, his anti-immigration EO already cited anti-gay sentiments as one of the reasons why citizens from other countries should be banned from entering America.

The blocking order against majority-Muslim countries said that US will not allow entry of those “who would oppress Americans of any race, gender or sexual orientation.”

Human Rights Campaigners Are Ready To Fight

JoDee Winterhof, Human Rights Campaign senior vice president for policy and political affairs, said that they are ready to fight Trump if he signs an anti LGBT EO. Pence should know by now that they won’t back down, Winterhof added.

Pence signed the Indiana-style discrimination when he was governor of Indiana in 2015. Like the rumored anti LGBT EO, the law would give cover to businesses that turn LGBT people away because of their religious belief. But because of public outcry and boycotts, the law was amended.

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