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Women’s March is Over and Done, But the Message is Clear

Myriads of women, pink hats all around and motive – one! Anti-Trump message sent with cherries on top. Courtesy of Women’s march!

The following day of Donald Trump’s inauguration saw a nothing-like-ever protests. Close to 500,000 women marched in Washington alone. Besides, 600 similar protests occurred simultaneously across the country. Interesting part is that it all started with a skeptical Facebook message at the eleventh hour. Women’s march is over for now, but the statement was made.

Women’s March: Jan. 21

For starters, no protest of this degree ever took place the following day of a President’s inauguration ceremony. Sister marches all over America is a great thing, but the solidarity didn’t restrict itself to the States. Women across continents took to streets to chide the brazenly misogynistic leader of the free world.

Also, Pussyhat Project took a center stage in the protests too. Women with pink-knit hats held placards to make their statements abundantly clear. Besides, protesters at Washington alone were close to the crowd turnout at the inauguration ceremony itself. Talk about resistance eh! Bustle reports the takeaway points from the Women’s march and terms it as ‘inspiring’ for the obvious reasons.

Gloria Steinam, a feminism advocate, made a strong statement towards the cause all the way from Berlin. She refers to the Berlin Wall and says that people in Germany are aware first-hand that walls don’t work. Additionally, the likes of Cecile Richards and Nick Offerman were present on ground with the fellow crusaders.

The Message

The message here is quite simple and overt, perhaps. It wasn’t necessarily directed at Donald Trump per se, but the misogynistic issues at rife. Donald is merely the person at the receiving end, that’s all. In the light of the march, a message of unity and resilience among women was sent across globally.

All things aside, the Pusshat Project got creative with its message too. The plethora of pink hats brought some levity into the cause, not to mention. The protesters were in preparation from quite some time before the commencement of the event. Day by day, enthusiasts joined the cause and spread the message on the social media. Solidarity is the new sexy, indeed!

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