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White House Reveals Melania Trump Official First Lady Portrait; Photo Garnered Mixed Views

The White House released the official portrait of the First Lady Melania Trump on April 3. The FLOTUS photo, according to the press release was taken at the White House. Meanwhile, netizens had polarizing views about Trump’s first official portrait.

Melania Trump Official First Lady Portrait Released

The White House announced the release of Melania Trump’s official portrait as a First Lady. CBS News reported that the FLOTUS’ photo was taken at her “new residence.” Trump looked simple in her all-black ensemble.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair reported that it was the Belgian photographer Benoit Mahaux who took Trump’s official photo. In addition, the outlet noted that along with the photo, Trump released a statement that it is an “honor to serve the American people in her role as the First Lady and she also looks forward to serving them in the coming years.”

On the other hand, the latter report notes that this is not the first time Trump tapped Mahaux’s photography company. Benoit’s sister, Regine Mahaux have been photographing the Trump family for six years. Regine said that the POTUS’ family gives her a lot of freedom and lets her express herself as an artist in their family photos.

Netizens Give Comments On FLOTUS’ Portrait

Apart from an official press release, the FLOTUS’ official Twitter page shared Trump’s portrait online. The photo garnered about 48,000 likes. Meanwhile, the outlet notes that netizens started giving out their comments right after the photo release.

A few commenters noted that the FLOTUS’ portrait looks “similar” to the portrait Nancy Reagan had when she had her photo taken. Meanwhile, others compared Trump’s outfit to former first lady Michelle Obama. Meanwhile, some edited the photo and placed a laser light show behind Trump.

Others took notice of the diamond ring that she was wearing in the photo. Twitter user @OfficialSPGB asked, How many hungry people could your diamond ring feed?.”

The initial report notes that the former model has yet to move in the White House. At the POTUS’ inauguration, Melania announced that she and her son, Barron are returning to their hotel in New York for a few months because Barron’s school year is not yet finished. Despite that, Trump has already appeared and hosted a few events as a first lady.

The outlet noted the most recent event the FLOTUS attended was about honoring international women of courage. Towards the end of the week, Melania will join her husband, President Trump in hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife. What are your thoughts about the first official portrait for Melania Trump? Share them with us!

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