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Sonny Angara vs Millennials: Philippine Senator Sparks Outrage Among Netizens

Newspapers aren’t the only ones that write about the hurly-burly world of politics. In fact, with everyone having easy access to social media, voicing out your thoughts couldn’t get any easier than today. A controversy involving a Philippine senator was given light when social media users expressed their dismay about his choices. Senator Sonny Angara, whose father was a former senator, was put under the spotlight just a few days ago.

Sonny Angara: Philippine Senator Slammed By Netizens

With capital punishment possibly being reinstated in the country, Angara said that he was against it. Last year, he even said how the government should “focus on strengthening law enforcement agencies instead of bringing back the death penalty.”

On Friday, however, Angara suddenly switched sides, saying how he is now “open” to it because of the current war on drugs President Rodrigo Duterte started.

“I am open to it because of the drug lords expanding their empires in jail at public expense. I’m now thinking twice because of police corruption and manipulation of the legal system,” Angara added. He also said that he wanted to hear the arguments of both pro and anti-death penalty groups and senators (which he was supposed to have done before saying he was anti).

Millennials who are both active on Twitter and who voted during the last elections, took to social media to express their frustrations. Angara responded to them in a way that made him look like an irate high school kid. He even said how they could just hit the unfollow button if they did not like what they saw. Very classy.

Sonny Angara vs Millennials: How Social Media Affected His ‘Reputation’

During the last elections, Angara used social media to reach out to the younger generation. It may have worked for him for the first time, but it seems like he will not getting the same support anytime soon. Recently, a political anthropologist weighed in on how social media can definitely make or break any political candidate.

“The twist is you have social media that is very active. So whatever politicians feed, social media reacts immediately. Then there’s a thread of conversation, and it’s very dynamic,” said Chester Cabalza, senior lecturer at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

“Everybody would want to optimize social media use and everybody has the power to voice out their ideas. It has become a new battlefield. Generally, social media will change our political landscape, and it could help us choose whoever will win in the top post of our politics,” he said, reports ABS-CBN News.

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