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Sexual Abuse By Australian Priests – Paradigm Of Faith Gone Wrong

Years of furtive sexual abuse scandals surrounding the Church is shaking Australia at its foundations. The figures are outrageous, to say the least.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has shunned the world, let alone Australia in the wake of the revelations. Turns out, over 1,250 priests, nuns and brothers have their hand in child sexual abuse over the course of 60-years. However, no legal action was brought upon the guilty parties. Instead, the Church thought it best to move the priests from parish to parish. The offenders repeatedly took to their abominable practices, obviously.

Australian Churches And Sexual Abuse

Al Jazeera has an exclusive report on the the Church scandal that’s taking Australia by storm. Roughly 7 percent of the total Catholic priests find their names in the accusations. The figures put forth by the commission dates back to 1950, up until 2010. Besides, there are 4,444 incidents between 1980 and 2015 alone. Those many incidents in merely 35 years, but the number of cases that were reported are barely any.

Head of Church’s Truth, Justice and Healing council, Francis Sullivan, is unable to get in terms with the figures. The revelations are placing the Church in the bad light and subtly questioning the faith. The Commission, on the other hand, are leaving no stones unturned with their investigation. “Indefensible and tragic”, says Francis, “we hang our heads in shame.” He chides the Catholic Church for its shortcomings and inabilities to protect the children from the priests, nuns and brothers.

According to the reports from Sydney, average age of the boys and girl victims are 11 and a half and 10 and a half respectively. By and large, the victims are of a tender age. Among the offenders, men constitute a whopping 90 percent in comparison to women’s 10. Besides, there is an average 33-years gap between the incident and the claim. Perhaps, that should paint the picture on how furtively the Church runs its affairs.

Sexual Abuse Victims

In the wake of the revelations, several victims are coming clean about their ordeal. Joan Katherine Isaacs reveals that there are more victims lurking in the shadows of the Church. When 6 out of 7 archbishops are under inquiry regarding the matter, one can imagine the gravity of the situation.

Moreover, Church authorities turned blind eye to the complaints from the victims. Some of them were told to let it go, while some were downright neglected. The incidents in Australia first came to light after a similar revelation made the news in US in 2002. The sordid affair deserving contempt questions more than just the Church’s affairs. The difference between virtues and vices, for starters.

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