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Ex Scientlology Members Throw Shade at Kingpin David Miscavige

The tussle between Leah Remini and Scientology shows no signs of cessation anytime soon. Matter of fact, there are new players now.

David Miscavige is at the receiving end of the latest developments in Leah Remini’s crusade. The crusade against the Church of Scientology is throwing shade at its numero uno, David Miscavige. Don’t let that first name deceive you, he’s nothing like the New Testament David. David in question here is rather a quasi-Pope with some disturbing allegations on him, truth be told.

Scientology: Leaders and Misdemeanors

Let’s leave L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, out of the equation for this one. Hubbard has his fair share of misdemeanors, perhaps that’s another story for another time. His successor David, on the other hand, is the one people need to watch out for. For, this is a guy with a propaganda to spread the vile of a sect and his business is blooming. Tom Cruise, for starters, knows this guy first hand!

Leah Remini’s series, Scientology and the Aftermath, had an episode on Tuesday. Leah and Mike Rinder met up with the Church’s ex disciples along with David’s estranged father, Ron Miscavige. Turns out, David has an alter ego behind his masquerading suave. David not only has violent temperament, but also gets physical at times.

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Hawkins, one of the interviewees, opens up on his side of the story and it’s abominable for the most part. During his time at the shady de facto headquarters of the Church called Gold Base, he was a victim of physical abuse. When David didn’t like the infomercial script written by Hawkins, the former thought it was best to get physical with the latter. Likewise incidents weren’t a rarity during his time at the Gold Base, laments Hawkins.

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The Uglier Side

Another victim DeVocht’s story isn’t very contrasting from Hawkins’ too. Physical abuse, persecution and what not. David’s own father called it quits on his association with the Church in 2011, go figure! Ron has nothing but contempt towards the ill-treatment by the Scientologists, David included.

Don’t mistake David for a cult leader, he’s worse. He rubs shoulders with the Hollywood elite and keeps the Church in business. Episode after episode of allegations on him, but the Church makes counter extortion allegations on Leah. The crusade doesn’t end here, it goes on.

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