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Racism and Rise of Xenophobia: The Persistent Global Phenomenon

The year 2016 had its fare share of ebb and flow on all fronts. If something went overlooked, it was indeed the rise of xenophobia.

Immigration and refugee crisis caught the world off-guard this year, in all honesty. There was a vague premonition about this impending crisis beforehand, but the world wasn’t quite ready yet. Subsequently, the crisis went berserk and lives were lost, chaos erupted and global peace shook at its foundations. The rise of xenophobia is higher than ever.

Rise of Xenophobia: 2016

A compilation of events in a report by teleSUR sheds light on all the racist and xenophobic events of 2016. Organisations like PEGIDA with their anti-Islam and anti-immigration agenda are vehemently causing an uproar globally. Such patterns of behavior is sowing the seeds of malice and hostility between communities who were living peacefully until then.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, came into power by banking on xenophobia and racism. This is the leader of the first world we are talking here, lest you forget. In his long repertoire as the President, building a ‘wall’ is his primary mandate, of course. Muslims are looking at a bleak future in the US soil today, the place they call home since decades.

US are contemplating strong action towards deporting the illegal immigrants, it seems. PEGIDA is growing prominence by the day with hate-marches in Europe. Germans too are facilitating a hostile and intimidating atmosphere around the refugee camps. Finally, the story of France is bloodier than ever in this regard.

The Questions

French Government is making outrageous reforms in the country – banning Burka, chiding the intake of immigrants and victimizing Muslims. The question here is not just about the politicians, but the native civilians themselves. The politicians and the civilians co-exist and can’t do without each other.

Even Brexit, for that matter, had a xenophobic angle to it. The rise of xenophobia is rampant globally from the shores of Australia to the fields of Berlin. EU’s stance on refugee crisis not only backfired, but created an upheaval in the entire continent. Did the problem get solved, though? The bodies in the Mediterranean sea says otherwise.

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