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Omar Mateen Wife Arrested: The Role Noor Salman Played In Orlando Shooting

The FBI arrested Noor Salman on Jan. 16. She is Omar Mateen wife, the instigator of the Pulse massacre in June 2016. Pulse is a nightclub in Orlando frequented by the gay community. Salman is now facing federal charges, including obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting Mateen’s material support to ISIS. The massacre took life of 49 people and left 53 others wounded.

Omar Mateen wife joins husband in planning terror attack?

In April 2016, the FBI got a call from Walt Disney World after they noticed Salman and Mateen scouting the theme park to be a possible location for a terror attack. Even though they were with their three-year-old son during the visit, their actions and behavior were apparently alarming to the park officials.

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The family went to Disney Springs in June, though no attack happened back then. It is widely believed that Salman was with Mateen when he bought the explosives and the firearms he used during the nightclub massacre. Though she denied it, many said she and her husband were communicating during the attacks.

The police shot and killed Mateen after a three-hour standoff. Throughout the attack, Mateen reportedly made calls to 911, posted on his Facebook account, and communicated with someone on Snapchat to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State. He also expressed support to Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombers.

Salman was not coerced by abuse

Salman earlier said she drove her husband once to Pulse, but denied any knowledge of his plans. She also said she’s physically abused, and he once punched her when they were buying baby clothes. She repeatedly said she’s unaware of his plans.

After the Pulse shooting, Salman filed a petition to change their now four-year-old son’s name. He was partly named after his father, Omar. She also moved to different locations for fear of backlash and to avoid the media.

Apparently, she left her son to the care of other family members. Omar Mateen wife did not resist the arrest, and will appear in federal court on Tuesday.

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