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Olympics 2020: Son Goku Of The Dragonball Z Chosen As Ambassador

Son Goku – the Monkey-tailed boy and a subsequent fictional hero will spearhead Japan’s Olympics 2020. He won’t be alone.

Japan is gearing up to host the Olympics 2020 and are already impressing, to be honest. Choice of mascot isn’t usually an easy thing, for it has to amuse the audience and resonate the culture of the event. In that vein, Japan is heading in the right direction. Capitalizing on the country’s popularity with the anime characters, they found the solution to mascot conundrum at home. Son Goku is set to feature as the ambassador for the event, among others, much to fans’ delight.

Olympics 2020: Japan

The Tokyo event will see an ambassador in Son Goku of the Dragonball Z fame. Over the years, Son Goku has developed into more than just a manga character – a cultural symbol. Not only does he stand in the forefront of the anime culture, but also inspires in multiple facets of the society. Even a namesake German rock band is attributed to Son Goku.

Needless to say, Son Goku’s selection as the official is taking the worlds of anime fans by storm. Joining Son Goku along is the likes of Naruto, One Piece‘s Luffy, Shin Chan, Pretty Cure, Sailor Moon, and Astroboy. Japan’s out-of-the-box thinking to put together such a formidable team of mascots is truly commendable.

However, no Pokemon or Mario will feature among the mascots, reports Next Shark. The likely explanation is the mainstream and utter globalization of those characters beyond Japan’s domain. The official merchandise of the Olympics 2020 will feature Goku and co. Moreover, the committee has set the ball rolling on the production works too.

The Significance

Japanese, with their decision to use the anime characters as ambassadors, are paving way for an anomaly. In the conventional order of things, mascots are generally the characters that are of vital importance to the host country. National animal or likewise motif is predominant in the mascot selection.

By and large, Japan is breaking the stereotype and catering to the younger generation. Japanese Olympic Committee takes pride in the mascots for the event and the statement they are making in the process. Besides, some official merchandise is already up for sale containing the characters’ prints.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in his earlier announcement, upholds the resonance of Japanese culture in the upcoming event. The event will take place starting from July 24 of 2020. Preparations are under way.

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