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‘Not My President’s Day’ Garners Partisans From All Walks Of Life

President’s Day has deep roots in the history and evolution of North America. Thanks to Donald Trump’s demagoguery, the celebrations went down the lines of ‘Not My President’s Day’!

Washington’s birthday or President’s Day is celebrated across US to honor the first President, George Washington. Third Monday of February is regarded as the federal holiday in that respect. Over the years, the day became more generic to honor the Presidents than George Washington alone. While mostly it’s President’s Day, it goes by Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday in different states. This year, however, it was mostly ‘Not My President’s Day’ – courtesy of Donald Trump!

‘Not My President’s Day’ – Donald Trump Protest

Since the inaugural ceremony, up until President’s Day, anti-Trump protests are showing no signs of cessation. One could say that it has proliferated too. In the wake of travel ban and austere immigration policies, the anti-Trump crusade is gaining impetus by the day. Donald Trump is engulfed in the unsavory Russian affair, while the protesters are at their usual tenacity. Thousands of partisans – age and gender exclusive – took to streets to make a strong statement on the day of national significance.

Time reports the crowd turnout at the Central Park where people voiced the slogans in unison. Considering the historic importance of the day, the protests obviously left a lot for Trump to mull over. His Presidency is looking at a bleak future in the light of unwavering protests all across the country. Moreover, the premonition lies in the fact that the resistance towards Trump is soaring as we speak.

“No ban, no wall. The Trump regime has got to fall”, sang the crowd – loud and clear. Placards were in rife and had a tinge of satire and humor to it, obviously. Los Angeles, too, got in on the action. Trump’s immigration stance and climate change convictions came under the scythe of the angry supporters. Cutting across age and gender lines, protesters didn’t forget to pay tribute to the ex Presidents. Several ensemble were in presence to bring festive vibes to the crusade.

‘Not My President’s Day’ – Across America

“Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go” filled the air in Chicago on Monday. An elderly woman in her 60s took part in the protests citing Trump’s stance on climate change as her driving force. “Dump Trump” and “Not My President” signs were common among the crusaders, needless to say.

Washington and Oregon saw similar protests seeking the impeachment of Donald Trump. Trump administration is fast becoming the butt of other countries’ jokes over the last month. Global leaders are exhibiting concerns regarding the developments, much to Americans’ dismay. Time to make anarchy great again?

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