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Millennials Rejoice, President Donald Trump Is Optimistic Jobs Will Be Plenty Soon

Donald Trump wants to let US citizens now that he really means business. The POTUS shared a video on his official Twitter account about Exxon Mobile’s investment which will bring more jobs to the country.

One of US President Donald Trump’s agendas in his campaign last year is to provide more jobs for the American people. The POTUS is working so hard to ensure that companies either return or invest in the US once again.

Donald Trump Announces ExxonMobil’s Business In The US

The POTUS posted a video on his Twitter account sharing the good news about ExxonMobil’s latest investment. Trump said that this investment made by the oil and gas company. Because of this, 45,000 jobs will be generated. According to the US President, it will be “$100,000 jobs average.”

The business mogul said that ExxonMobil’s investment is because of the “policies of the new administration.” The president added that another factor why the oil and gas company decided to invest is because of the regulations that are being implemented under his term.

Apart from this deal with ExxonMobil, the president also announced the return of car companies to the US. In the video, Trump said, “car companies are now moving back to Michigan, Ohio, soon to be Pennsylvania and lots of other places.” This statement implies that Americans can expect more jobs to come in the next few months.

Trump Exceeds Expectations

Moreover, Trump also posted on the 140-character social media service the recent jobs report from Fox Business. The president captioned the photo, “Great news. We are only just beginning. Together, we are going to #MAGA.”

In the photo, ADP’s job report noted that the expected number of jobs for the month of February was 190,000. However, Trump’s administration exceeded that and has actually brought in a total of 298,000 jobs.

Mail Online reports that a portion of the jobs generated was for the construction industry, which increased by 66,000. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector added another 32,000. The outlet notes that according to Moody’s Analytics’ Chief Economist Mark Zandi, “confidence is playing a large role” in the country’s recent positive developments.

Zandi said, “Businesses are anticipating a lot of good stuff – tax cuts, less regulation.” As a result of this, the companies are “hiring more aggressively.”

The president seems to be monitoring the numbers closely as well. This is because last Wednesday, March 8, the POTUS tweeted LinkedIn’s workforce report for January and February.

Trump posted a tweet which reads: “LinkedIn Workforce Report: January and February were the strongest consecutive months for hiring since August and September 2015.” With these recent developments in luring business to invest in the US once again, the country’s employment market will be a sector worth watching.

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