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Leonard Cohen, Music Legend and Visionary Gone at 82

Leonard Cohen, music legend, passed away on October 11, 2016. The influential singer and songwriter was 82 years old.

Rolling Stone confirmed his death when his record label, Sony Music Canada, posted about his passing on social media platform Facebook. The label said that the music industry lost a revered and prolific musician.

On the other hand, Cohen’s son Adam wrote to the magazine telling them that his father was in his Los Angeles home when he passed. Adam Cohen added that his father was writing music up to his last moments. Apparently, his father’s humor also did not leave him until his last breath.

Meanwhile, Cohen’s manager Robert Kory released a statement where he said that the musical genius’s voice will be missed. He added that he was glad to call Cohen friend, who left behind a legacy that will provide inspiration for many generations.

The Canadian rock music visionary’s career spanned almost five decades. In that time, his distinct bass pipes and musical genius gave birth to poetic songs about love and hate, sex, depression, war and peace, as well as spirituality.

Leonard Cohen was such an influential figure that the rock magazine called him a “dark eminence” who made up a small pantheon of significant artists and musicians. Perhaps, only Bob Dylan could rival him when it comes to influencing his generation, while only Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell matched his talents as in song poetry.

Cohen’s vast work includes Hallelujah from the album Various Positions, albums like I’m Your Man and You Want It Darker.

His voice and poetic lyrics did not only touch fans who came from simple backgrounds. When news of his death was announced, even Canada’s hugely popular Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted about him. He said that the Companion of the Order Canada recipient will be missed by Canada and the world.

Billboard added that a slew of musicians and personalities also paid tribute to Leonard Cohen on social media.

Photo Source: Rama via Wikimedia Commons

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