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Katelyn Nicole Davis: Facts About Young Girl Who Committed Suicide On Facebook Live

It is no aberration when teenagers succumb to depression and do the unthinkable. The Katelyn Nicole Davis story, however, is one for the strong stomachs.

This is an eclectic report on the facts about a girl – Katelyn Nicole Davis, who is taking the internet by storm. Perhaps, this is one of the storms that leave a long-lasting impact. A broken household, abusive relative and an inner struggle culminating to a dreadful suicide. The worst part? Everything is on the record.

Katelyn Nicole Davis: Diary of a Broken Doll

Similar to most 12-year-olds out there, Katelyn’s coming-of-age wasn’t quite a fairy tale. She went to a school in Cedartown, Georgia which is 70 miles west of Atlanta, reports Heavy. On a fateful night of Dec. 30, Katelyn took a drastic step and took her own life near her home in Cedartown. This alone wouldn’t account for a viral news, of course. It was indeed her act of live streaming the entire build-up and the subsequent suicide that has the world going mad as a March hare.

In a 40-minute video, Katelyn begins by spilling the beans on her struggle. The initial 20 minutes is nothing but Katelyn’s disposition on depression and typical teenage struggles. Soon after, she says ‘goodbye’ before kicking the bucket beneath her feet. Too make matters worse, the live stream goes on for another 20 minutes with her body hanging from the tree.

Furthermore, she maintained a blog named ‘Diary of a Broken Doll‘ writing about the world she lives in. Needless to say, her version of reality was far from the abundance life has to offer. Her mother Tammy Rogers’ drug use, the men that came along and other horrifying stories dominate her blog.

Katelyn Nicole Davis Suicide Facts

Katelyn Nicole Davis mentions a stepfather in her blog who is the adversary in the tale. According to Katelyn, the stepfather in question abused her physically and sexually. Just three days before her demise, she mentions ‘rape’ in one of her blogs. ‘CreepyPasta’ – a site for horror and paranormal stories had a significant influence on Katelyn, it seems.

In the wake of her suicide, the heart-wrenching video went viral in several platforms through internet. Polk County Police are trying to take down the video, without much success, however. Katelyn’s life and death is a testament to the society’s shortcomings to safeguard a child from her own frame of mind.

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