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Jim Moroney: This Grandpa Got Stood Up But Is Still Not Jaded With Dating

Whoever said chivalry is dead certainly hasn’t met 73-year-old Jim Moroney. Twitter went on fire recently after Moroney’s 16-year-old granddaughter posted on Twitter that her grandpa got stood up by his date.

Apparently, Moroney has been looking for a companion for a while now. He and the woman hooked up on and planned to meet in a restaurant 45 minutes away from where he lives. Excited for the date, he made sure he looked good in his red sweater and even brought flowers and chocolates (enter river of tears).

Grandpa Got Stood Up, Twitter Explodes

Trust Twitter to make this heartbreaking scenario light, however. After Forester posted the message, Twitter immediately responded in shock, disbelief, and (uhm) anger over the woman. If ever your grandpa got stood up, you know where to go, okay?

Grandpa Stood UpPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

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Here is Forester’s entire message on Twitter: “My grandpa got all dressed up for his date, drive 45 minutes away, bought her chocolates and he got stood up.” This was accompanied by a photo of her grandpa all dressed up for his date. She even included a photo of the red roses he bought for the lady.

Apparently, even 73-year-olds who’s the picture of perfection and a true gentleman can’t find a good woman to talk to for a night. The woman left Moroney waiting inside the restaurant for an hour until he realized she’s not coming. He headed back home and talked with his daughter and granddaughter.

Forester told Metro, as quoted by Elite Daily, that she and her grandpa are very close and they usually talk about dating. She added that he has been looking for a companion for a while now.

There were tell-tale signs, of course. Moroney and the unnamed woman have been talking for months now and always plan to meet. The woman would always cancel on him and when they finally agreed to meet, she stood him up! Moroney messaged the woman after the incident, but she never replied back.

Twitter Is Not Too Happy About The Woman

Of course, Twitter is all Team Jim for this one. Some of those who responded to Forester said they’ll date her grandfather because any woman will be lucky to have him. They find him charming and so chivalrous for wanting to treat the lady right.

Some of them also asked Forester where her grandpa lives, so they can set him up with their own grandmothers. Oh, wouldn’t that be delightful for this grandpa got stood up.

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