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Jesus Christ’s Birth and the Virgin Mary Conundrum

Pastor Andy Stanley stirs controversy yet again. This time it involves Christmas and the Virgin Mary, however.

Oh God, enough already! Perhaps, that’s what people are reacting to Pastor Andy Stanley’s comments on the irrelevance of virgin Mary tale in the Bible. The son of famous TV evangelist Charles Stanley is no outsider to controversies, but this time he does it differently. He chooses to stir up controversy right before Christmas. The timing with this guy eh!

Virgin Mary and Jesus’ Birth

In a sermon earlier, Andy disputes people’s stance on the Mary being the virgin before Jesus’ birth. Firstly, he establishes that many ‘don’t believe it’. He then goes on to say that he comprehends it and has a blatant explanation too. He thinks that ‘they’ had to come up with a myth to give Jesus some ‘street credibility’. Thus explaining the possible reason for the ‘virgin Mary’ story.

This statements, for what it’s worth, was met with furor for the obvious reasons. Coming from the lead Pastor of one of the largest congregations in the country was enough to add fuel to the fire. Not to mention, the connection to the famous evangelist such as Charles Stannley himself!

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In Andy’s defense, he mentions the contradiction of the story in the versions of Matthew and Luke. Further states that Mark and John make no mention of the virgin birth of Jesus at all. The final nail in the coffin comes in the form of Andy’s statement when he says that he doesn’t ‘concern’ himself about someone’s birth when the same someone can predict their own death and resurrection.

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The Aftermath

Baptist Albert Mohler took exception to Andy’s statements and responds in criticism, reports AJC. Furthermore, Albert says that Jesus’ virgin birth story ‘does matter’ and acknowledges the veracity of the story. Andy saw some criticism earlier in 2016 when he made outlandish allegations on some Southern Baptists.

Considering that around 80 percent of Christians believe the Bible and two-thirds of Americans in the virgin birth, Andy was better off keeping mum about it. Important for a learned man such as himself to understand that perhaps the faith is better left unquestioned.

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