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Ivanka Trump Shoes: List Of Retailers Ditching Ivanka Trump’s Brand

Sears and Kmart joined a growing number of retailers that ditched Ivanka Trump shoes and Trump-associated products from their stores. These two retailers recently announced that they are no longer selling Trump Home items online.

There will be some 31 items from the Trump Home collections that will no longer be sold by Sears and subsidiary Kmart. The collection includes living and bedroom furniture, lamps and chandeliers. A spokesman for sears Holdings, however, said the decision was based on the company’s efforts to streamline their offerings and focus on profitable items.

Ivanka Trump Shoes Not Profitable?

Retailers are, of course, downplaying their decisions to leave Ivanka Trump shoes out of their shelves. Sears and Kmart are the latest to pull out the brand. In the past week, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Belk, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls decided that the brand’s performance did not meet expectations, too.

Ivanka Trump ShoesPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Lori Hendry

One shopper at TJ Maxx Beverley Connection in Los Angeles was quoted by Footwear News as saying that she never really liked Ivanka’s products. Although she has some supporters trying to trend #BoycottNordstrom on Twitter, it doesn’t seem to hurt the retailers as much as it does to carry the Trump brand.

While the timing of the ditching does seem rather suspicious, the truth is, Ivanka Trump’s products are really not selling. If they are, do you think these retailers would not want to cash in on that? Remember, fashion is a billion-dollar industry and retailers will do everything they can, regardless of politics, to have some cut of the cake.

Clearly, the reason why they are pulling off Trump products from their shelves are: 1. They are not selling; and 2. They are affecting the reputation and image of the shops.

Shortly after these decisions, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to criticize Nordstrom. He said Ivanka is such a “nice person” and it’s a “terrible” thing that Nordstrom is doing to her. Yeah right, as if “nice” is a qualification for a retailer to sell your brand.

Ivanka Facing Lawsuits?

It’s hard to tell if Ivanka’s products are really stylish, fashionable, and all the good things you can think of. She has been a responded to at least one legal case when upmarket luxury shoe brand Aquazzura alleged that she copied their coral suede Wild Thing shoe.

A quick check on Google will show you that the Wild Thing shoe and Ivanka Trump shoes called Hettie are curiously similar.

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