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Hollyweed Prank: The Truth Behind the Caper is Too Quaint!

Los Angeles residents had a fair share of giggles following the Hollyweed prank. The joke is over now, but the cops are on a lookout!

After a heavy night on New Year’s eve, LA residents had a surprise in the form of the Hollywood sign. The famous sign read Hollyweed instead of Hollywood and remained so for a while. Long enough for onlookers to get a good few pictures of the caper, of course! In the wake of the prankster’s handiwork, Hollyweed prank is doing the rounds in the media.

Hollyweed Prank: Backstory

In the light of recent voters’ approval on legalization of recreational use of marijuana, excitement was conspicuous. Besides, there were holidays too – adding to the excitement. Despite the security cameras at the proximity, the prankster wearing a black dress got to work on the sign. By draping the ‘O’ signs with some tarpaulin material, the prankster was successful in giving it an ‘E’ make-over!

Although, authorities were swift in action to restore the landmark sign to its original appearance, the laughter had died. Needless to say, cops did a preliminary examination and are circling in on a suspect. Come Zach Fernandez aka Jesus Hands! Thanks to his Instagram post, cops didn’t have to look far.

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KABC-TV reports that the prankster is facing misdemeanor and trespassing charges. Case in point, Zach is on the run and cops are on a lookout. Despite the incident being a trivial one, the charges will stand, nonetheless. Hollyweed Prank wasn’t the first of its kind, however.

In all it's glory.??✌?? #hollyweed

A post shared by Zach Fernandez (@jesushands) on

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Past Prank and Marijuana Connection

Turns out, exactly 41 years ago, a college student put on a similar prank in the light of flexible Marijuana laws. The landmark sign has a historical and cultural importance and stands as monument for Hollywood’s standards. One thing for certain, the sign’s trust will beef up the security henceforth.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

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