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Highest Celebrity Deaths in 2016 – Breaking the Voodoo!

Recent demise of Carrie Fisher and George Michael sums up the celebrity deaths toll to frightening numbers. This report is not just about debunking the voodoo surrounding the deaths in 2016, but an eulogy to the departed ones.

The brevity of life is such, death catches some off guard and some catch death pretty. From the greatest boxer ever to walk the phase of Earth to musical embodiment like David Bowie and Prince, celebrity deaths were aplenty in 2016. Moreover, deaths didn’t take exception to any field – sportsmen, musicians, actors and even First Ladies for that matter.

Celebrity Deaths in 2016

Rock musician David Bowie was one of the initial casualties. Subsequently, Alan Rickman and Former First Lady Nancy Reagan drew their last breath along with the likes of Glenn Frey and Harper Lee. This was enough premonitions for an entire 2016, of course. Fate had a different plan, on the other hand. The celebrity deaths just went on proliferating.

The first four months of 2016 had enough deaths alone to surpass the previous year counts. We’re talking mathematics here, folks. Significant difference between the celebs who died in previous years to that of 2016. BBC sums up the names and statistically calculates the trend yearly. The celeb criteria might seem debatable, but the data is robust, to say the least.

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Recurring deaths from April made the whole affair a mundane business. In the wake of Muhammad Ali and Gene Wilder’s demise, media persons saw a disturbing trend and took a special interest in it. The latest ones to come under Grim Reaper’s scythe include the enigmatic Fidel Castro himself.

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Voodoo or Common Sense?

No doubt 2016 had some extraordinary number of celebrities meeting their end. Having said that, important to look at the rationale side of it. In addition to being a chance factor, the evolution of mass communication and pop culture are the key players too. The 1960s saw a boom in the celebrity spectrum paving way for a generation of artists in their respective niche.

After nearly half a century, old age and diseases are catching up and hence the deaths. As misanthropic as it sounds, one simply cannot deny the claim. Needless to say, the celebrity lifestyle predominant with reckless and drug induced behavior takes its toll too. With a couple of days left to 2016, it’s safe to assume that the death toll stays as is. One can only hope the numbers are less come 2017. May the dead rest at peace.

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