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Gatlinburg Fire Update: What Has Trump Got To Do With This?

In the latest Gatlinburg fire update, Coleman Bonner, an Alabama man who referred to Gatlinburg residents as “mouth-breathing, toothless, Trump-suckin’ pond scum” after last week’s deadly wildfires, lost his job with Express Oil Change and Tire Engineers.

Shortly after posting the post on his Facebook account on November 29, Bonner’s employers began receiving messages about his statement. The Birmingham-based company said that after “fully and thoroughly” investigating the situation, Bonner has been relieved of his duties.

Bonner’s Gatlinburg fire update statement cost him employment

Through a written statement, Express Oil Change said that Bonner’s statements about the Gatlinburg fire update was “absolutely” disgusting. They clarified that “a person of his character does not represent who we are as a company,” and offered their “sincerest apologies” for the remarks.

The statement added that they were “astonished at the lack of care Coleman expressed throughout his comments.” It was not confirmed the location where Bonner was employed, and efforts to reach him were unsuccessful. He also deleted his Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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Gatlinburg Fire Update

Screen cap from the Facebook page of Elmore/Autauga News

After posting his statement, Bonner was targeted by social media users as a possible suspect in the blaze that spread from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park’s Chimney Top 2 Trail. Around 14,000 people were evacuated from Gatlinburg, 17,000 acres have burned, and 1,700 structures were damaged. Unfortunately, 14 people died because of the fire.

How did Trump’s name get dragged to Gatlinburg fire update?

Bonner’s Gatlinburg fire update comments fired up political discourse about how Liberals see President-Elect Donald Trump’s supporters. Many netizens turned his photo and post into a meme—describing “liberal tolerance” as “being happy when an entire town burns to the ground.”

The statements painted a bad picture for Liberal supporters, who have been openly dissecting and criticizing Trump’s many idiosyncrasies. Most of the president-elect’s supporters said the US shouldn’t at all be surprised why Trump won and not Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

But while others turned the issue into a political one, many thought that Bonner’s Gatlinburg fire update comments against Trump and in effect, against the victims of the wildfires, have nothing to do with his political stand. One comment said Bonner “is just a poor excuse of a human being.”

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