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Frederick Jay Bowdy Suicide On Facebook Live Leaves The Family In Dire Straits

An aspiring actor and the father of six ends his life. A sexual assault case on Frederick Jay Bowdy cuts his Hollywood dream short.

Facebook Live is gaining notoriety lately due to the increasing number of suicide cases on its platform. By and large, the victims are taking to an outrageous practice of live streaming their death. 14-year-old Nakia Venant, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis and now, 33-year-old Frederick Jay Bowdy. Only in his case, he leaves a wife and six children’s future hanging in the balance.

Frederick Jay Bowdy: The Story So Far

Frederick had a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from universities of West Georgia and Texas. Also, he worked as a teacher and a basketball coach, reports. However, he was invested in an acting career that took him from his hometown of Fort Worth to California. Not to mention, he appeared in a movie last year.

Besides, he was filming a sports drama, reports Mail Online. Last week, Frederick was a subject of an arrest pertaining to a sexual assault case. Subsequently, his bail was set to 100,000 Dollars for release. A drastic turn of events saw him take his own life, in the wake of his release. He streamed the build-up and the subsequent gun shot to the head through Facebook Live.

Even though, a person who saw the stream alerted the Police, it was too little too late. An account of the event from a Facebook user paints a disturbing picture, of course. Frederick Jay Bowdy was apparently in severe distress, there was tears and pain, the user recollects. His wife Whitney and his children are in deep shock and devastated, needless to say.

Just me being me and staying ready for all the challenges. #ActorsLife #NotOffDay #hustler #EatorGetAte

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The Family

Jay was also working as a stripper in a Hollywood club with an alias, Houston. Case in point, he might have had financial shortcomings too. In the wake of his suicide, Whitney is looking at a bleak future. In that regard, a gofundme page is up and running for any aid to her and her children.

His involvement in the sexual assault case is open to debate, but the end result won’t change. He took a drastic step, ending his dreams short and putting his family on the line. One can argue that he couldn’t get in terms with his new-found predicament, or may be not. Whatever it is, Jay had his reasons. A reason good enough to put his family’s interests at stake. A disaster, indeed.

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