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Flight MH370 Update: Boeing Could Start Funding The Search

Close to two years and 10 months after the disappearance, the predicament offers more questions than answers. Here is a flight MH370 update.

The Boeing 777 class aircraft belonging to the Malaysian Airlines went off grid without leaving any trace in March, 2014. Since its mysterious disappearance, efforts to unearth its status was underway. Not with much of success, of course. Rationally speaking, there’s no foul play here other than a crash and sink, prima facie. Sporadic flight MH370 update with the findings of flight debris gave some room for optimism too. Nothing substantial, however.

Flight MH370 Update

Latest developments have it that a private company could take over the search operations. Besides, Boeing might break the bank on the said search operation too. An authoritative figure spoke to the Popular Mechanics earlier to confirm the ongoing talks on change of search party. Australian Transfer Safety Bureau [ATSB], along with Malaysian and Chinese officials did their best to get to the bottom of the accident, but without much success.

Turns out, the crux is the inability to locate the wreckage site precisely. Due to the vastness of the oceans and plethora of possibilities and hindrance, it’s indeed a gargantuan task. As this incident marks the second deadliest one involving a Boeing 777, the aviation giants are likely to take a keen interest.

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In addition to the pre-existing dilemma, there’s a political angle to it too. China initially threw shade at Malaysia for its negligence in the wake of disappearance. Not to mention the loss incurred by the Malaysian government in the aftermath due to plummeting ticket sales. ATSB, on the other hand, will pull the plug on its operations once its contract expires in January.

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Search Party

While governments have an obligation towards the matter, so does the families of the passengers. A search party consisting of the passengers’ family members are operating in Madagascar anxiously. Due to the total six debris found in the East African coast that are believed to be a part of MH370, optimism is at large.

Giving the benefit of doubt to the latest flight MH370 update, it’s welcoming that Boeing is stepping up. A tad optimism and support is something the families can find comfort in. They have lost way more than that, anyway.

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