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Flight MH370: Families Go To Madagascar, Is There Still Hope?

The relatives of those aboard the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have decided to take the search for the into their own hands. They have accused the Malaysian government for their lack of effort with regards to the search of the missing plane. The families of those who were lost aboard that flight arrived in Madagascar last Saturday to explore Madagascar beaches, hoping they may find clues or even debris from the plane.

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video Malaysia confirms debris of missing flight MH370 found in Mauritius" from the Oneindia News YouTube channel

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video Malaysia confirms debris of missing flight MH370 found in Mauritius” from the Oneindia News YouTube channel

The mystery of Flight MH370

Flight MH370 was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by the Malaysia Airlines. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, carried 227 passengers from various countries and 12 cabin crew. It disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to the Beijing Capital International Airport. The aircraft made its last voice contact with air traffic control, less than hour after its takeoff. Several minutes later, it disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens. One hour after the scheduled arrival time of the flight at Beijing, Malaysia Airlines issued a media statement stating that the contact with with the flight has been lost and that the government has initiated search-and-rescue operations.

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Recovery Efforts

As soon as the aircraft disappeared, a search and rescue effort was launched in Southeast Asia. Initial analysis of communications between the plane and a satellite were made followed by a surface search in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. On March 30, 2014, the Joint Agency Coordination Center was established to increase the search effort and recovery of Flight MH370.

Debris that were allegedly from the plane were found. A flaperon was found on a beach in Saint Andre, Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean. Parts were also found in Mozambique on 2015, which were sent to Australia. After thorough analysis, the Australian government confirmed that the parts came from the right stabilizer and wing from the missing aircraft.

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However, despite these efforts, the families of who were lost on-board the plane criticized the Malaysian government for its lack of interest in the issue. Many of the relatives decided that it will be good if they help raise awareness among the locals in Madagascar.

“We hope that we can raise awareness, teach them about how to identify debris, how to collect debris, what to do with it when they find it.” said Grace Nathan, a Malaysian who lost her mother in said flight.

She also added, “We want to keep the search going.”





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