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El Chapo Guzman: Not A Legend Worth Celebrating

The kingpin of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, El Chapo Guzman, is on American soil. Cocaine, blood-money and ‘narcocorridos’ – his story so far! Medellin, Guadalajara and Cali cartels, at their zenith, took the cynosure of the cocaine business. They fell from glory subsequently and paved way for something that went synonymous with savagery – Sinaloa cartel. Mexico’s worst nightmare, something they shared with America, came in the form of Sinaloa’s boss, El Chapo Guzman.

El Chapo Guzman: The Story So Far

In the natural order of things, El Chapo can easily pass for a college professor. Short stature, well groomed and a tranquil personality defines the man in question here. Contradictory to his appearance, he handles drug trafficking, murders and extortion, for starters. He commands a cult status in his home country of Mexico. Believe it when they say that people sing songs about El Chapo.

The show’s over, however. El Chapo fell from grace when Mexican government had enough of him. Lost his appeal against an extradition to US and subsequently landed on American soil. More so, in one of the hellish prisons America has to offer. Even though he has several counts of charges on him in over five states in America itself, he won’t hang. Thanks to Mexican stance against death penalty, El Chapo avoids the noose!

As infamous as he is for his cocaine handling, he is a expert in prison escapades. Not too long ago, he escaped a high-secure Mexican prison through a underground tunnel. Back in 2001, he pulled of a stunner by leaving the prison on a laundry cart further embarrassing the Mexican authorities. The latest report from Daily Star sheds light on the developing conspiracy to free El Chapo Guzman from his confinement.

The Conspiracy

In a Californian prison video, some inmates boast of the lengths they’ll go to free ‘el señor’. A gangster dubbed as “Chucky” goes on bragging about 3500 soldiers he can command to aid El Chapo’s cause. Besides, the cartel leader’s words are likely to became a law among these savages. Not to mention, there are references of women, cell phones and drugs in the prison.

Even in the best case scenario for Guzman, he’s contemplating consecutive life sentences here. The prisoners are welcoming their ‘el señor’ with arms wide open, however. El Chapo might never walk free, but it’s imperative to catch the essence here. The legend with the cartel bosses never fades – in fiction and in reality.

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