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Donald Trump’s Merit-based Immigration Proposal Has Its Merits

The Donald Trump joint address speech continues to make citizens around the world talk about his agendas. One of which is his proposed immigration merit-based system. Will the POTUS’ new proposal benefit the US economy?

Admit it or not, we all want to experience how it is to live in America. This is because the opportunities in the country are endless. Unfortunately, due to certain immigration limitations, living in the US remained a dream for some. However, in President Donald Trump’s joint address speech, change is probably coming. The POTUS plans to change the country’s outdated program into a merit-based system.

Donald Trump And His Immigration Point-Based System

The Economic Times reported that Trump wanted to adopt a point-based system similar to Australia and Canada’s immigration system. The president cited that using this scheme will be beneficial to his constituents. Moreover, the President said, “It will save countless dollars, raise workers’ wages, and help struggling families — including immigrant families — enter the middle class.”

Furthermore, if the scheme is in place, those who wish to enter US soil should have the ability to financially support themselves. This means that the immigrants will not “strain the public resources that poor citizens rely upon.”

The outlet notes that Canada’s point system look at the immigrant’s different qualifications like a person’s education, skills set, and family ties. The applicant has to reach an acceptable score for the government to accept the immigrant’s application. Australia adapts almost the same system.

Meanwhile, University of Pennslyvania immigration law professor Howard Chang shared his thoughts with USA Today about the president’s policy. Chang said that the new scheme may benefit the US economy in the future. This is if immigration proposal’s objective is to broaden and remove barriers to skilled immigration.

The latter report notes that currently, the US only allows 140,000 visas to be provided for employment-based visas. This is currently a dilemma for companies who wants to employ skilled workers in other countries.

New Immigration Policy Can Shorten Waiting Time

Furthermore, the source notes that Trump’s new immigration policy can remove “the overall cap or the per-country quotas” for employment visas. Another probable effect of this new policy will be expanding the job-type categories on who can avail of these employment visas.

The initial report noted that imposing a merit-based system may cut down the waiting period for working professionals who are currently employed on limited visas. The outlet cited Indian professionals who had to wait 12 years to get their green cards, even if they have been eligible, according to the law.

In his joint address, Trump believed that having a “real and positive immigration reform” is possible for the US. Moreover, the POTUS said that the main goal of his immigration reform is “to improve jobs and wages for Americans.”

What do you think about the Donald Trump merit-based immigration system? Share your thoughts with us!

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