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Donald Trump Is Actually Doing Wonders, Financial Experts Say

Donald Trump is beginning to win over industries one step at a time. Ever since the POTUS’ joint address, financial experts have been seeing an upward trend on the stock market. Meanwhile, a recent survey shows that finance experts agree that Trump has a positive impact on the country’s financial market.

Experts Give Donald Trump ‘High Marks’

President Donald Trump’s first 30 days in office seems to be gaining a positive impact on the country’s financial industry. The Washington Times reports that in a recent survey, 74 percent of hedge fund managers, brokers, and other financial experts gave the POTUS “high marks.”

The outlet noted that these experts saw the positive effect the business mogul had on the stock market. Covergex’s CEO Eric Noll said that they were surprised with the results. The publication reported that it was Noll’s firm who conducted the latest survey. Meanwhile, even though respondents were confident about Trump, only 40 percent approve of his job performance as America’s 45th President.

On the other hand, Trump is also aware of his “positive impact” on the stock market. Business Insider reported that the POTUS was happy about the stock market’s performance. In fact, the president posted a tweet on March 2 about it. His tweet reads: “Since November 8th, Election Day, the Stock Market has posted $3.2 trillion in GAINS and consumer confidence is at a 15 year high. Jobs!”

The latter report noted that the index jump from 20,000 to 21,000 in just 24 trading days actually breaks records. Moreover, it ties the record “for the fastest move between two 1,000-point landmarks.” The source noted that analysts concur that this positive jump is because of the POTUS’ statement about lower corporate taxes and infrastructure investments.

Experts Believe Stock Market Will Do Better During Trump’s Term

Meanwhile, the initial report noted that 57 percent of these experts expect the stocks “to do better” during Trump’s term. Moreover, a majority of the respondents believes that the former hotelier’s proposed tax cuts will benefit the US equity.

The president does have a long way to go before he completes his first term. However, the confidence experts have in him is a welcome boost, since having a robust economy is in the country’s top wish list.

Apart from the financial experts’ view on his positive effect on the stock market, a few cited that the media is not being fair with their news coverage of the president. What can you say about the results of this survey about President Donald Trump? Share your thoughts with us!

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