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Donald Trump Travel Ban: Visa Application May Now Require Your Facebook Password

In a desperate bid to vet the visa applicants, authorities are contemplating asking social-media passwords. The aftermath of Donald Trump travel ban, indeed!

Homeland Security chief John Kelly spoke to the press earlier regarding a new action in the making. Accordingly, US visa applicants may have to give away their passwords to the authorities for the analysis of their account. After Donald Trump travel ban bit the dust, this comes as move as audacious as the earlier one. John Kelly, on the other hand, subtly puts it that it will help them decide if someone deserves the entry or not. What a time to be alive!

Donald Trump Travel Ban: Add-on

Thanks to court’s intervention, Donald Trump travel ban is under suspension. Merely weeks after taking the office, Donald kept true to his words. By the stroke of a pen, he kept the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries at bay. Not only did this move take the world by storm, but also felt like a straw in the wind about a greater catastrophe. In response to the global furor in the wake of Trump’s ban, court thought it best to nullify it. Much to Trump’s dismay, of course.

Like always, the judge and the court had to come under Trump’s ire. Barely a couple of days after the travel ban became void, Homeland chief John Kelly (appointed by Trump) throws another outrageous proposal. Turns out, there’s an ongoing discussion to get inside the applicants’ social-media activity to inspect their habits and searches. This move, according to John, helps understanding if a person is worthy of the visa or not.

For the obvious reasons, this move is in question to vet the inflow from the Muslim-majority countries. Therefore, all the seven countries that were in the ban list earlier are likely to feature in the social-media inspection list too. “We may want to get on their social media, with passwords”, Kelly says, to “see what they do on the internet”. Also, Kelly believes that it’s truly hard to vet the people from the seven countries, reports Sky News.

John Kelly’s Statements

John Kelly was addressing a hearing of the Homeland Security committee when revealed the plans. The pre-existing screening process is in line for some major reformation, looks like. Donald Trump is leaving very little to imagination, as he’s overtly taking drastic steps to ensure America’s safety. However, somewhere between safeguarding America and lambasting China, he lost the plot on innocent lives he puts at jeopardy.

Homeland Security is following Trump’s lead and introducing austere rules. Giving out a Facebook password might not be a hard task at all, but it makes a wrong statement. Anybody going through the process will feel a certain amount of threat to their personal space, of course. Not sure how it helps in determining if one deserves an entry or not, if they don’t cooperate, “next in line”, John says!

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