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Did Donald Trump Fulfill Fidel Castro Prophecy? Cuban Promised not to Die Til US is Destroyed

It’s a case of a Fidel Castro prophecy fulfilled. Then again not.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro passed away on on 25 November 2016. While Cuba is mourning the death of Cuban revolutionary icon, social media blames Donald Trump for the loss.

Many people have known Castro only as a grandfatherly figure, scraping the U.S. in his occasional columns or as the one being interviewed on television by fawning admirers.

Ever since his death, a quote has been circulating on social networking site claiming that Castro once said he wouldn’t die until the United States was destroyed.

Fidel Castro Prophecy: The Truth Behind It

Many wonder that the event occurred just weeks after Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory on 8 November 2016. Immediately after the news of Castro’s death was made public, a joke surfaced that Castro had once announced he would not die until “America was destroyed.”

Many versions of the quote were later circulated with a photograph of a smiling or laughing Trump.

It was not the first time when such meme was circulated about Fidel Castro and U.S. Back in 2015, former U.S. President Barack Obama tried to restore diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. Soon after that a meme suggested that the Cuban leader had once said that such an event would only come to pass when the Vatican had chosen an Argentinian as Pope and the U.S. had elected a black president.
Recently, when former Attorney General Janet Reno passed away just one day before Trump won the Presidency on 7 November 2016, same memes were seen. The posts joked that Reno had once said Trump would never be president “in her lifetime,” or “over her dead body.”

However, there is no mention of any such quotes found. Neither Janet Reno nor Fidel Castro ever made any such statement about the US or Donald Trump. Clearly, these jokes have no truth to them and they are only meant for humor.
It seems to be a coincidence that Both Reno and Castro died before or after Trump’s victory. Viewers should not believe such posts before verifying the quotes.

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Meanwhile, the death of Fidel Castro brought mixed reactions in Cuba. While some expect little real change, others already see a new chapter opening in the island nation’s history.

The strongman, who led the nation of over over 11 million people for 49 years has died but it doesn’t mean the Communist regime will collapse. The 85 year old brother of Mr. Castro, Raúl, plans to rule the island nation until 2018. He strictly controls keys to power- the military and intelligence body.

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