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Charles Manson Hospital: What Happened to the Convicted Serial Killer

News of a Charles Manson hospital transfer has turned attention back to the serial killer infamous for his killing spree a few decades ago.

According the Los Angeles Times, Manson was taken from the Central Valley prison where he was being detained and moved to a hospital for some needed medical attention. The specifics of his illness or other details of the emergency have not been disclosed, however. KGET News reports that he is being treated at Bakersfield hospital.

Terry Thornton, a spokesperson for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, has declined to share any more information due to state laws that protect inmates’ private information. “We do not disclose inmate movements for safety and security reasons,” she said. To counteract any suspicion that Manson has passed away, however, Thornton did confirm that Manson is still alive.

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Social Media Backlash

There hasn’t been any shortage of social media response to the Charles Manson hospital news. Most of it, understandably, has been further condemnation of the convicted serial killer.

“I think it’s safe to say that if Charles Manson dies in the hospital, 2017 may be headed in the right direction,” one tweet said. “If Charles Manson kicks it, and I do any sort of memorial portrait, it will be of Sharon Tate. Because [expletive] Manson,” another tweet said, referring to one of Manson’s victims.

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Some tweets sarcastically connected the Charles Manson hospital news to the impending presidential inauguration of Donald Trump:

The Charles Manson Story

Charles Manson was born in 1934 to single mother Kathleen Maddox in Ohio. He spent much of his childhood and adolescent years being moved around Boys’ Schools and Juvenile Detention Centers, especially when he turned to burglary to get by. He was imprisoned for grand theft auto in his twenties and by the time he was released at 32, he had spent more than half his life in jail.

In the late 1960’s, Manson generated a cult following, which was eventually dubbed “the Manson family”. Acting on Charles’s eclectic “teachings” and philosophies, and perhaps reinforced by the hippie countercultures of that era, the group launched a spree of murders. They murdered nine people in just a matter of months in 1969. For his crimes, Manson was sent to twelve concurrent life sentences.

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