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Cassidy Trevan: Will Mom And Boyfriend Get Justice Against Bullies And Rapists

Another day and another abominable act culminating in a suicide. The death of Cassidy Trevan epitomizes dehumanization, among other things.

A mother from Victoria, Australia shares a heart-wrenching story of her daughter’s suicide as a result of constant bullying and subsequent rape. Contrary to the conventional order of things, the perpetrators here are Cassidy’s class girls. It was indeed these girls who orchestrated the gang-rape, turns out. Here is the Cassidy Trevan story of torment, abuse and suicide.

Cassidy Trevan: Life And Death

15-year-old Cassidy was a year 7 pupil at a public school in south-east Melbourne. Her time in the school wasn’t one bit joyous, thanks to the bullying of a group of girls. What began with insults got more physical in time, says her mother Linda to Also, the bullying wasn’t at school alone, but wherever Cassidy was available – social media and shops.

Linda recollects some graffiti on their property and banana peels on their mats. Due to this, Cassidy couldn’t help but miss an entire fourth term. Subsequently, she took counselling and went back to school in the February of 2014. It was then that the bullies made friends with her in the pretext of carrying out their abominable act.

Correspondingly, the bullies wooed Cassidy Trevan to a nearby house – owned by one of the rapists’ parents while his parents were out. Here, more older boys were waiting in anticipation. Upon her arrival, they took turns to rape her. Not to mention, all this under the supervision of the girls. Cassidy took the matter to the police and to the school, in the wake of the incident. However, she couldn’t quite go about a formal statement. This saw to that the culprits walk away unscathed. Not only were the Victoria Police helpless in the matter, but also the school authorities’ hands were tied.

Luke And Linda

After battling PTSD and depression in the aftermath of the rape, Cassidy couldn’t help but end her life in December 2015. To make matters worse, the bullies didn’t stop their threats and misdemeanors even during Cassidy’s struggling times. Her mother Linda, for her part, is unable to cope with Cassidy’s void. After an year of enduring the pain, she came clean about the entire incident through Facebook.

Also, Linda thanks one, Luke – Cassidy’s boyfriend, for being supportive throughout his girlfriend’s struggles. Luke, too, posted an emotional account of the incident and acknowledged Linda’s post. Both of them contemplate that Cassidy’s story will make a strong statement against bullying. After the story went viral, a collective public furor seeking justice to Cassidy has turned up. One can only hope.

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