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Bitter Truths of Scientology Beliefs Through the Victims’ Eyes

The now ‘enemies of the church’ shed light on the Scientology beliefs. The information is simply horrifying and that isn’t surprising.

The cult group is sporadically in the news these days. Mostly for the wrong reasons. Tom Cruise is never too far away with the group and faces the media wrath for the most part. Despite its controversial existence and furtive affairs, there is no stopping them. The Scientology beliefs are as eccentric and appalling as they come.

Scientology Beliefs; Controversies; Status

Leah Remini, an ex member herself, is currently helming a crusade against the Church of Scientology; and she is striking hard. Furthermore, she has an eight-episode documentary series that will provide an insight into the Scientology beliefs. The King of Queens actress will take the viewers on a journey through the pitfalls and the ugly sides of the cult group.

Abuse to harassment to Blackmail, name it and the Scientology has it. Not to mention, the celebrity members to promote the church! Perhaps, it was Tom Cruise’s wedding that first gave Leah a whiff of church’s ugly side. When she inquired about another member’s absence, she got a rude answer. That was more or less a rude awakening, indeed.

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If a member questions the faith, they will have to undergo an interrogation. That too at their own expense. The amount in question here is hundreds of dollars, for what it’s worth. Like any other religious group, Scientology sells their faith through celebrities. Tom Cruise, for starters!

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Celebrity Connection

Tom Cruise is a prominent member and the ambassador of the church. Irrespective of the outcome, he will never go against the dogma. When the dogmas come into the picture, that’s when this story turns vile. Another ex member, Amy Scobee, is a victim of rape by her superior in the organization. Her story is a testament to the abomination side of Scientology.

Amy was a recruit from the organization’s children recruitment group, Sea Organisation. Subsequently, she went through unimaginable horrors. No charges were brought on the rapist and the inquiry was within the organization. Her story not only chides the church’s actions, but also brings premonitions about where the world is heading.

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