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‘Assassinate Trump’ Posts Gets A Knock On The Doors!

The U.S. Secret Service is knocking the doors of few Twitteratis for their ‘Assassinate Trump’ posts. This move has the people divided in opinion, of course.

Couple of weeks after Trump’s triumph in the Presidential elections, Twitteratis took the social-media by storm. Disbelief, merriment, anguish and sparingly threatening Tweets were popping-up almost with no break at all. It was indeed then that tweets containing an ‘Assassinate Trump’ motif came up sporadically. Some were downright playful, most tweets were driven by political satire, but some meant it. Secret Service are only keen on the latter ones and they’re taking actions as we speak. Furtively.

‘Assassinate Trump’ Tweets, Response

Mashable reports a couple of Twitter incidents where emotions got the better of people. Lest you forget, these people are no criminals and have no police records associating them with previous incidents. Perhaps, this is what concerns the Secret Service. They are doing top notch job to protect the interests of their President, but apprehensions are apparent. Also, the scariest part is when some people are repeatedly doing it in a resolute way!

Reportedly, a Kentucky women tweeted saying that if someone was “cruel enough” to assassinate Martin Luther King, then she doesn’t see why someone shouldn’t be “kind enough” to assassinate Trump! Let’s keep the debate on Trump’s stance, temperament and convictions aside, for instance. Even then, it’s a sophisticated form of sedition. Calling for the assassination of a President is abomination, even to Donald Trump’s standards.

A man from Ohio was reportedly apprehended by the Secret Service in connection to several Twitter threats. Not to mention, he was charged for the threats. In a democracy, a leader is a leader irrespective of the convictions he holds. Not defending Trump, but now that he’s the one sitting in the oval office, it’s only right that people cut him some slack. There are ways within the frame of law to resist his audacious moves, obviously.

The Modus Operandi

Secret Service has a set of protocols they go by in the events such as this. Based on the severity of the threat, it’s recurring pattern and details, the authorities are operating. Not everyone who tweets ‘#AssassinateTrump’ face their wrath, of course. Make it with some precise details on his location, methods and suggestive details, prepare to host these authorities!

A Dataminr statistics on such tweets paints a horrifying picture – 12,000 tweets just in a weeks time! Funny as it may seem, acts like that can lead up to 5-years imprisonment and hefty fines. You do the math!

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