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American Travel Ban: List Of Renowned Scientists To Take The Heat

Donald Trump is fuming in the wake of court’s reversal stance on American travel ban. His plan jeopardizes American connection with genius minds.

Having a good head on one’s shoulders is a privilege many can’t boast of. The countries that fall under American travel ban have their fair share of scientists who could mean a great deal for America. Especially, chances of Iranian scientists rubbing shoulders with their American counterparts looks seemingly slim. Not to mention, some of the scientists and researchers had ongoing projects in America too. Thanks to court’s intervention, the ban is on hold. That doesn’t change much – damage is done, nevertheless.

American Travel Ban: Scientists

Inverse has an exclusive list of scientists and genius minds across the seven countries who are likely at the receiving end of the ban. Contrary to that, it can be America’s loss too. Yasaman Farzan, a young physicist widely known for her expertise in the field of ‘neutrino physics’ is an Iranian. That essentially means that her association with America is hanging in the balance, of course.

Iranian born Zoubin Ghahramani is another big name who has had direct involvement with America over the years. Notably, he worked with Google on Automatic Statistician earning him a whopping 750,000 dollars! He won’t be taking the American travel ban any lightly, to say the least. Similar case is with Prof. Abbas Edalat, who had a major hand in the Iran-American dialogue over the years.

Majid Hassanizadeh, who vehemently takes part in several endeavors in the field of science and technology is an Iranian by birth. Not only does the ban pose an hindrance to his associations, but also keeps him at bay. Exemplary scholars such as Fereidoon Shahidi, Amin Shokrollahi and Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh share a similar fate as that of fellow nationals. One could argue that it’s America’s loss to keep these minds at bay, but the abominable message Trump is making is indeed a pity.

Other Countries

There are plethora of scientists, engineers and scholars from Iraq, Yemen and Libya who deserve better than restrain. Also, humanity could use their research and what they have to offer for the betterment and development alike. Audacious laws such as the one in question, not only threatens progress, but also leaves a wrong message on the younger generation.

Moreover, most of the ones listed in the report have advocated for peace throughout. Hawa Abdi and Alaa Murabit from Somalia and Libya respectively, have their contribution towards peace. So much so that, Hawa was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize too. In the wake of Trump’s banishment stance, many visas were revoked. Many apprehended at the airports even. Thankfully for the court, the ban is on a hold. Irrespective of how that’s going to turn out, peace was never at stake as it is now.

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