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A&E Network’s Generation KKK Documents the Dualities of the Klan

Yet another controversial documentary? Perhaps, not! Generation KKK is indeed a subtle reminder of the hate group’s abominable side.

A&E Networks are contemplating a change over from their conventional programs and Generation KKK is their point of entry. In the light of rising xenophobia and racism related incidents in the US, the docuseries comes as no surprise. Turns out, the documentary is under development from a year and a half. It was around the time Donald Trump’s political campaign kicked-off too. See what the A&E did there!

Generation KKK: The Backstory

The setting is homely, KKK’s Steven Howard comes home with gifts to his girls. Pretty as they are, they open it zealously, only to see pointed hoods of KKK. Steven goes on to place them on his girls’ heads and starts with his “legacy” talks. This is just a heads up on what A&E has in store with its series, reports New York Times.

The catch here is not the propaganda of KKK, but A&E’s agenda to strike a balance between the right and the wrong. By and large, the show documents the views of prominent KKK members and the views of want-away members too. The network’s executives assert that they stand firm against hate.

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No part of the world is an exception today as far as violence and threat to peace is concerned. Syria is almost at the brink of desolation and anarchy is at its peak. The question arises if the people actually need a show which provides a platform for hate messiahs. Case in point, couldn’t anyone depict the sorrows and atrocities going around as we speak?

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Generation KKK: Release and Reception

The series sheds light on the Klan’s views through the eyes of Steven, Chris Buckley and Richard Nichols among others. In contrast to that, the series revolve around anti-Klan activists such as Jenkins, Michaelis and Widner, who are resolute to fight to any lengths. Everyone is fighting for something, everyone has an agenda, but the agenda contradictory to each other’s.

Come Jan. 10, the series will feature on the network weekly. Hope the show succeeds to portray the pitfalls of KKK, rather than leaving everything to audience’s discretion. Statistics have it that the numbers in KKK are on a significant rise from three years. This data not only paints a bleak picture of the future, but also questions the humanity’s frame of mind. Welcome to the brave new world.

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