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200 Incidents After the Sandy Hook Shooting Questions More Than Just Gun Laws

Four years after Adam Lanza went on a murder rampage, the threat still lingers around. Sandy Hook Shooting seemingly changed nothing, turns out.

Be it Adam’s Asperger syndrome or his mother’s affinity towards guns, throwing blame around won’t help at all. Perhaps, four years down the road, the threat should have mellowed down. Sandy Hook Shooting remains one of the most horrifying gun incident in the US soil, but that’s not all. Close to 200 incidents happened since then. This, on the other hand, sends shivers down the spine.

Sandy Hook Shooting: Aftermath

Everytown for Gun Safety has a rather disturbing and alarming data on the incidents post the Sandy Hook Shooting. Reports have it that, 94 deaths and 156 injuries occurred from 200 incidents since the Sandy Hook massacre. This in turn throws a question mark on government’s measures to prevent such incidents. Nobody have an answer though.

Not long ago, another incident in Oklahoma involving a girl (13) threatening her classmates went viral. Police took action before any serious damage, but the message was clear. Besides, stern gun laws are coming into existence at state levels. This alone won’t solve the problem which is rampant in the entire country.

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While some agree that the laws are quite flexible with the guns, most turn a blind eye towards it. Millennials are the primary victims and the likely offenders too. Mental illness remains obscure, guns are readily available, no help in the hour of need and before anyone realizes, mass murders happen. While mental illness is a natural occurrence, gun laws aren’t.

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Donald Trump’s Stance

If Obama couldn’t fix the loopholes in the gun laws, then suit yourselves for what’s about to come. Donald Trump’s prominent financial backers are the biggest gun lobbyists in the country. Go figure! National Rifle Association [NRA] didn’t spend 30 million on Donald’s campaign for nothing, obviously.

As misanthropic as it sounds, it’s just a matter of time before another incident happens. Not to mention, Everytown’s statistics paint a sinister picture. Obama’s tenure is done, he couldn’t overcome the lobby and there’s that. Donald Trump needs to act and he needs to act soon, of course. He might have all the time in the world, but an unstable kid with a PMR-30 and a 30-round magazine won’t wait.

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