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VIXX Ravi MV: Taken Down For Misogyny; Starlights React

Starlights were excited when the VIXX’ main rapper finally dropped his first mini-album. The hype grew when VIXX Ravi MV for the album’s title track released yesterday. However, the music video did not receive a lot of love from its viewers.

Born as Kim Won Sik, Ravi debuted in 2012 as the main rapper of VIXX. The group is the first boy band of Jellyfish Entertainment. They are known as the “Concept Kings of KPop” because they incorporate their themes in their choreography, costume, makeup, and song lyrics.

VIXX Ravi MV: “It sexualizes women!”

The rapper himself composed, produced, and arranged all of the songs in Ravi’s mini-album, R.EAL1ZE. The title track, Bomb, features fellow rapper San E. The music video was uploaded on YouTube yesterday.

However, netizens were giving the new VIXX Ravi MV flak because of the video’s content. The comments, all had one common theme in them: the music video was misogynistic. In one scene, Ravi was seen sitting on the couch surrounded by women wearing lingerie. Other clips in the video showed the rapper “gazing hungrily” at the nearly nude women around him.

Due to the amount of backlash, Jellyfish Entertainment took it down and then released an apology. The agency apologized for the content and promised to be more careful next time.

“The official music video that was uploaded in music sites will be edited once more. The scenes will be deleted and then we will release a cleaner, better version. Jellyfish Entertainment would like apologize for being careless and worrying the fans. We will take the public’s statement at heart and work hard even more in the future,” Jellyfish Entertainment wrote.

In addition to that, Ravi also posted an apology on his personal Twitter account. Allkpop provided a translation for his post: “I reflected on my actions and realized that the scenes were disturbing. I am sorry for those who felt bothered by those scenes. I will be more careful in thee future. And I promise to work on better music and songs from now on. Again, I apologize.”

Starlights to the Rescue

VIXX’ fans were shocked at the reception of the video. Many rushed to the rapper’s defense and claimed that the new VIXX Ravi MV was not objectifying women. Many also pointed out how netizens seem to get easily offended.

“But nobody said a thing about Jay Park’s Mommae and Zico’s Tough Cookie! What’s wrong with you people?!” One user wrote. Another commented, “People who reacted must not have realized that the song was a satire to other rappers whose tracks are all about sex, women, and partying hard all night.”

“People are hypocritical and get offended by anything,” another wrote. The edited version of Ravi’s Bomb was uploaded already and fans can now watched it on YouTube.

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