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VIXX Plagiarism: Turkish Singer Demands Apology From Starlights

Starlights, or VIXX fans, are furious at a Turkish singer who committed VIXX Plagiarism. The fans demanded that he must apologize for that act. However, things took a turn when Kursun, the accused person, demanded that Starlights need to apologize instead.

Kursun is a Turkish rapper recognized for his rapping prowess. According to Koreaboo, Kursun won awards in the hip-hop field and became the “Best Underground MC” in events.

VIXX Plagiarism: Starlights Demand #JusticeForVIXX

The issue began when a video of Kursun performing in The Voice Turkey became viral over the internet. In the video, Kursun is performing a rap with VIXX’ Dynamite as his background music.

Starlights took to social media to express their fury. They flooded Twitter with posts about Kursun’s performance, hoping that The Voice Turkey will notice. They used the hashtag #JusticeForVIXX, which quickly became a trend on Twitter. In return, Kursun denied the VIXX plagiarism issue, and claimed it’s for the sake of creativity. “This is creativity, not stealing,” Kursun tweeted.

Because of the backlash the Turkish rapper was receiving, his team released a statement and said it was all just a misunderstanding. According to the statement, Kursun only meant to claim his performance as his and not Dynamite as a whole. After the team’s clarification, the Turkish rapper demanded Starlights’ apology for their behavior.

Kursun: “KPop Fans Have An Inferiority Complex”

Kursun then took to Facebook and released a statement regarding the VIXX plagiarism issue. In his statement, Kursun called KPop fans immature. Fuel was added to the fire when Kursun claimed that all KPop fans have inferiority complex. The lengthy statement is now getting immense amounts of backlash for blaming KPop fans and Starlights.

The Turkish rapper made another post, showing that he gave credit to VIXX three weeks before the performance. However, fans noticed that the post was edited recently. Many pointed out how the original post did not contain any reference to VIXX.

Should Starlights apologize for defending VIXX? Or should Kursun be the one apologizing for what he did?

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