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Snoop Dogg Calls Donald Trump A Clown In New Video [Watch]

Not the first time Snoop Dogg is throwing shade at Donald Trump, thanks to latter’s Comedy Central Roast. Except – this time – he means it.

Snoop Dogg, never to shy away from controversies, has taken things to a whole new level with Lavender. With his signature theatrics involving marijuana, he addresses contemporary issues pertaining to racism and Donald Trump. Not to mention, he squeezed-in his faux Snoop Loops cereal in the narrative. For what it’s worth, Lavender is no more a satirical parody and no less a bitter truth. In Snoop’s world, it’s all Doggy Style!

Snoop Dogg – Lavender

Lavender comes from Snoop’s twisted sense of reality blend with DJ Kaytranada’s beats and a tinge of jazz touch from BadBadNotGood. Besides, it is YouTube star Jesse Wellens’ dystopian direction that does it for Lavender. Jesse and Snoop share the same manager that brought two of them together for a smoking session, obviously. Wellens made the best out of the situation by pitching a rather anomalous, yet outrageous idea for a video.

Snoop, for his part, was taken aback with the idea that plays so well with his own disposition. Don’t question how Resident Evil dogs, clowns, Donald Trump and Snoop Loops came to exist in one video. Rather, thank Jesse Wellens for his figment of imagination. Additionally, Snoop seems to enjoy every bit of it. From ripping off Donald Trump like clown – ‘Ronald Klump’ – to subsequently shooting him in the head, it’s all Snoop for you.

As Billboard reports, Snoop is clowning around in the video that resonates with his perception of the present-day world. Additionally, Wellens crafts a strong message masquerading in a rhetoric narrative. The video has parallels to the shooting of Philando Castile too. A white clown-father smoking weed gets shot by a white clown-policeman while a black man records the incident. See the irony? Perhaps, too surreal?

Snoop Dogg Comments

Lavender is a part of Snoop’s upcoming album, Never Left, which is a follow-up to 2016’s Coolaid. Snoop ardently took part in last year’s march against police brutality and echoes the same sentiment in Lavender. Correspondingly, he says that he’s giving voice to all the people who don’t have a voice. When he looks at the present-day America, he’s looking at “some motherf–kers, who are clowns.”

Snoop is unable to make peace with all the hatred that’s going around, in the wake of Trump’s triumph. Also, he likens the situation to a freak show. A freak show in the ‘Clown House’ with ‘Ronald Klump’ at the helm. Ha-ha.

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