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Rain Psy Collaboration: A New Teaser Released!

Fans are already excited for veteran idol Rain’s comeback. The release date is set for Jan. 15, 2017 and the track is the product of Rain Psy collaboration. To further entice his fans, Rain has released another teaser for his newest single, The Best Present.

It has been more than two years since Rain has released a song. Fans have been clamoring for his comeback for a while now. With the confirmation from Rain himself, fans can expect that The Best Present will live up to its name.

Rain Psy Collaboration: Here Are The Details

The first time that Rain revealed about the Rain Psy collaboration was during the Gangnam Style singer’s All Night Stand 2016 concert. Rain appeared as a guest and performed with a video playing behind him, showing the words “RAIN X PSY”. The news’ truth was further cemented during Rain’s The Squall Tour. Aside from Psy’s involvement with the new album, it will also be available in the Mandarin language.

The first teaser was posted one week ago on YouTube. The 20-second clip features Rain’s silhouette while an R&B instrumental played in the background. Another teaser was uploaded three days ago. This time, it featured Rain dancing briefly to a 13-second beat.

On Jan. 12, 1THEK uploaded the third teaser for Rain’s comeback. The video showed Rain dancing to a pop ballad, with the choreography seemingly inspired by ballet. After thirty seconds, the screen turns black with Rain’s name appearing on the screen.

Rain’s Fans: ‘The King of KPop is back!’

Fans are already looking forward to Rain’s new album. The addition of the third trailer increased the hype even more. With the release date just around the corner, fans have high expectations from Rain, his new album, and his new music video.

Although it was confirmed that Psy will be producing the song, it is still unknown if he will be featured in the song itself. There is no confirmation from Psy, Rain, or even from their agencies. Fans can only wait and see if they’ll get to hear the Gentleman singer’s voice in Rain’s new single.

Aside from the Rain Psy collaboration, it looks like 2017 is a busy year for Rain. The Rainism singer just finished filming a Chinese drama called Diamond Love. The show began to air on Jan. 9 on Viki. In addition to the release of The Best Present‘s music video, Rain will begin promotional activities for the song. Stay tuned for more updates on Rain!

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