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Nelly vs Drake: Can Drake Win This ‘Best Rapper’ War

Social media is amazing. One minute you’re expressing an opinion about a comparison between two musical artists. The next thing you know, you’ve opened the floodgates to a viral war where everyone is throwing their own thoughts. Apparently, this is what happened for the Nelly vs Drake war going on right now.

Since a while back, Twitter got exploded with netizens storming in to fire off their argument for either rapper. The comments range from moderate and restrained, to passionate and extreme. With huge fanbases worldwide – most of whom probably have easy access to social media – maybe it was just a matter of time before this Nelly vs Drake war escalated.

Nelly – The OG

People on Nelly’s side argue that he’s basically Drake’s progenitor in the business. His first album, Country Grammar, was only one of eight albums to have sold over 10 million copies, going certified diamond. His second album Nellyville debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200 music albums.

But mostly, as one tweet would argue, Nelly’s popularity makes him among the first rappers to hit mainstream success despite not being from a major hub like LA or New York (Nelly is from St. Louis, Missouri). Whatever kind of heights that Drake ever reached is basically owed to the OG. These reasons seem to put all the weight behind Nelly for now.

Drake – Pop Culture Icon

As one Tweet would argue for Drake’s side, however, Drake is basically a pop culture icon. For all the success that Nelly had as a rapper, he never reached quite that level. Another tweet remarked that, while Nelly sold a ton of records, “the world didn’t stop when he dropped something like it does with Drake”.

Others in Drake’s camp also argue that Nelly’s run on top was never nearly as long as Drake’s. Drizzy has maintained an impressive level of dominance in recent years; his Summer Sixteen rap tour could be the highest grossing one in history.

Does the Nelly vs Drake war really matter? One would probably say that it doesn’t, with both artists having contributed immensely to the industry. But let’s be real: Now that lines have been drawn, it would probably be much more fun to see one or the other established as bigger and better.

So, in the Nelly vs Drake argument, who’s on top? Hit us with your thoughts in the comments below!

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