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My Life in 15 Songs: Of ‘Thrash-Metal’ and ‘Deth’!

Rolling Stone’s latest edition of ‘My Life in 15 Songs‘ features a debatable megalomaniac and an unproclaimed messiah of thrash metal – Dave Mustaine.

The person in question here is a born Jehovah’s Witness, a practitioner of black magic and a born again Christian! Speak of coming in full circle! Perhaps, Dave Mustaine knows better. Besides, it’s not everyday that a gas-station worker goes on to become one of the most influential metal musicians. His ‘My Life in 15 Songs‘ can explain this better.

Dave Mustaine’s ‘My Life in 15 Songs’

The founder of American thrash metal giants, Megadeth, spoke to Rolling Stones to sum up his life in songs. The fifteen songs he chooses are not only masterpieces, but also a reflection of profound feelings. Mechanix – with Metallica was Mustaine’s coming of age song from the humble beginnings.

Ride the Lightening, as Mustaine recalls, is from the time when he and Metallica weren’t quite happening. Furthermore, Last Rites is a song about Diana, a girl Mustaine had a run-in with. Also, he mentions that she inspired plethora of other songs. The Skull Beneath the Skin laid the inspiration for Megadeth’s mascot, Vic.

Peace Sells, on the other hand, represents the time when Dave was down and out. The song spawned out of a counter message to people who were contemptuous of metal. The next entry is Anarchy in the UK which saw a collaboration with Six Pistols’ Steve Jones himself. On a different note, Mustaine wrote In My Darkest Hour to honor Cliff Burton who was a ‘friend’.


The Recurring Theme

Holy Wars is easily one of Megadeth’s best songs and upholds Mustaine’s take on religious conflicts. Another song, Hangar 18, from the same album – Rust in Peace, is a propaganda involving celestial beings. The songs, Symphony of Destruction and Sweating Bullets, from Countdown to Extinction speaks volumes of what Mustaine calls a ‘dark period’.

Dave Mustaine, one to never mince words, mentions a couple of more songs to sum up ‘My Life in 15 Songs‘. Irrespective of all that he went through, he’s in a way better place today. After all, fans widely regard him as the guy who redefined thrash metal. Nothing can ever take that away from him, of course.

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