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Migos: Wait, Why Do People Think They’re The New Beatles

Barely a couple of weeks into the new year and we already have an epitome of exaggeration. Turns out, Migos are drawing comparisons to The Beatles.

It’s something to write ‘my bitch is bad and boujee‘ and something totally different to inspire a generation of musicians. Perhaps, one should know better before comparing the above polarities. If John Lennon had the audacity to say that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus, it’s because of the band’s popularity. Unlike the Migos, The Beatles were religiously followed and their success was every bit deserving.

Migos: Introduction

If one hasn’t yet heard to the ‘Bad and Boujee‘, don’t bother – for it’s rather banal. The hip hop group behind the song, Migos, are basking in its success, nonetheless. Important to understand that the group is doing their thing and no one can take that away. The issue here is about the latest statements coming from a couple of reputed artists.

Actor Donald Glover had an eventful evening at the Golden Globes ceremony. During his acceptance speech, he got ahead of himself and called ‘Bad and Boujee‘ as ‘one of the best songs ever’. Even though that’s a highly debatable statement, his mediocrity didn’t stop there. He went on record to say that the hip hop group is ‘this generation’s Beatles’! No, seriously.

Not only is it an ‘apples and oranges’ comparison, but also an audacious one. We are talking about one of the best bands to ever walk the face of earth – a statement less debatable than Glover’s. Glover is in high spirits, no doubt, but that was downright impudent. If this wasn’t tormenting enough, Japandroids are vouching for it too, reports Spim.

Japandroids Statement

The Canadian rock band is a successful band in its own right. The members of the two-member band were answering fans’ questions on Reddit earlier. An user threw a question to the duo asking about their take on the hip hop group. Surprisingly, they answered ‘our generation’s Beatles’!

Someone has to wake Japandroids and Glover up from their delirium of ignorance and absurdity. Hip hop has either lost its true meaning given by the likes of Tupac, or people are going nuts. Either way, never disrespect The Beatles. Let that sink in.

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