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Little Mix Perrie Edwards May Just Have Slapped Zayn Malik! Well, Virtually

Little Mix Perrie Edwards just virtually slapped Zayn Malik right to his face. This UK girl group just got their album released as well as a new hit single from their Glory Days album. The girl group’s Shout Out to My Ex single which Jesy Nelson dedicates to her recent ex-boyfriend Jake Roche also relates to Perrie Edwards’ breakup with ex-fiance Zayn Malik.

Little Mix Perrie Edwards: “Zayn Malik a B***h,” says a fan!

The band was performing an acoustic version of their song Shout Out to My Ex when a fan shouted “Zayn is a b***h!” during a quiet moment of their performance. It sparked shouts of laughter from the fans and the girls couldn’t contain their giggles.

Perrie Edwards remained silent about her breakup with Zayn Malik last year but she gave a little bit of information. Zayn apparently broke up with her through a text when the Little Mix was at an airport. In one interview, the other girls revealed that the breakup made Perrie cover herself in a shell.

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Edwards and Malik dated for four years and even got engaged when the latter decided to end their relationship. After the breakup, Edwards learned to keep her relationships private. Due to what happened to her relationship with Malik, she no longer wants her relationships to be known to the public.

Perrie Edwards allegedly dates England and Arsenal player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, according to rumors. Edwards remains silent regarding this issue. Meanwhile, the former One Direction member currently dates Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid.

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Zayn Malik: Not the most gentlemanly boyfriend?

From breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, to straight out snubbing his current girlfriend, these little actions could tell us a whole lot about Zayn’s character. Zayn Malik recently won AMA’s New Breakout Artist hosted by his girlfriend Hadid. Malik thanked everyone for his award but quite forgot about Gigi who stood meters away from him. He also made a side comment at the beginning of his speech.

“Wow – this just has my name on it, right?” says Malik referencing his name was the only one written and not One Direction which was his former boy band.

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