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Lady Antebellum: New Album Release Date, Title, Everything To Know

After a few quiet years, Lady Antebellum is out with some new music. Not only that: they’re hitting the road once more. The country music trio has announced a new album, Heart Break, due to be released on June 7, and a new tour starting May. To kick it all off, they’ve also dropped their newest single, You Look Good.

The return of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood from their hiatus is not only a welcome one but also it’s surprising. You Look Good sounds slightly different from the usual sounds the band has built their popularity on.

So Fresh, So Fine

The lyric music video shows the group playfully going through some polaroid photos. The photos seem to be representative of their relationships with each other. The sound itself is a funky tune, upbeat and with jazzy undertones. And sure, the usual sound of Lady Antebellum is more country, more mellow – such as what you’ll hear with I Need You Now, and 747. But this single hits all the right notes, literally. The lyrics address a loved one, being told that they look amazing as they are.

With lines like “You look good, all day, night… You look good, so fresh so fine!” and “Black dress to the nines, New Year’s in a Pent, from the floor to the roof, make the skyline spin,” it won’t take long before this track is being aired on radios everywhere.

Back On the Road

As part of their efforts to promote their new album, the group’s tour starts in Bakersfield, California on May 26. Heart Break seems to be the result of the band members’ individual changes over the last few years, lain down on a track.

“We knew right away that we had to name this album after a track that is a play on the word ‘heartbreak’,” Scott said, in a statement on their official website. “It’s all about those personal growths everyone goes through and it was liberating to get back to the studio with Charles and Dave to intertwine those feelings into the recording process. She added, “I feel like we’ve reemerged stronger than ever and I can’t wait to share more music!”

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